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About Telcorp


Telcorp International has been in business since 1979.

We are a worldwide company specializing in Marketing, Telecommunications and Technology with contracts from over 300 providers worldwide! We are also one of the Founding Members of the Technology Solutions Exchange (TSX) that brings great value to our members by leveraging our collective distribution power, sharing industry knowledge, and consolidation of internal resources. We have approximately 10,000 Sub-Agents in our TSX group alone! 


Telcorp provides our services by seeking out the best pricing on virtually all the services your business might need. We focus on corporate-use technology as our greatest strength and offer award-winning technology that provides with the means to operate at it's highest proficiency. Because of that focus, we have a plethora of unique products and services that are available for the best rates you can find! This technology provides a 30-50% increase in productivity.


With typical savings of 30% or more, we can save large companies a significant amount of money on both capital expense and ongoing maintenance agreements. Taking our love of technology even further into the tech industry, we have also made partnerships with innovative companies that create beneficial products soon to hit the shelves in a massive way! 


Telcorp prides itself on being both a Scout for the latest that's soon to launch as well as a Consultant on what services and products best suit your businesses' needs. You can rely on us to always work hard for you and to maintain our reputation of being the connection between you and tomorrow's technology!  

Meet Our Team

After over 30 years, we are not only proud of the longevity of our business... but the highly regarded Members of our Team that have come aboard!  


With a vast knowledge of multiple technologies and stellar sales experience, we strive to continue to bring you the best quality products and services for many more years to come!


Bob Paswater


Al Hutchinson 

Sr Vice President 


Ken Rotman
Managing Partner


Ashley Latin
Marketing Director


Windie Pollecar
Office Manager


Yumi Alvarez
International Sales Manager

Our Team
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